The ABC’s of Supervising Others

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Last updated Dec 29, 2021
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This workshop is for people who are new supervisors or who are interested in a supervisory position, as well as those who are team leads or part-time supervisors without a great deal of authority.

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This session will explore some behaviors and attitudes that can set supervisors up for success. Topics will include building the right environment, motivation from within, and lifelong learning.

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Adjust to the supervisor’s role with confidence and develop their skills in listening, asking questions, resolving conflict, and giving feedback to employees.

Identify key attitudes that they can develop to enhance their supervisory skills.

Use time management and planning techniques to maximize their success and develop a technique for giving instructions that are clear and understood.

o Understand the importance of developing good relationships with employees and peers, so they are seen as fair and consistent.

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This two-day course is designed to help participants overcome many of the supervisory problems that they will encounter as a workplace leader. Dealing with the problems that a new supervisor encounters isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to lead to discouragement.


Ability to read, write and execute the lessons learnt.
A peaceful environment, good internet connection
Discipline to go through all modules



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