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By Sam

Welcome to Applied Content Marketing with Sam Adeleke. This course gives you practical content marketing strategies for organic growth into today’s fiercely competitive digital marketplace. Using the travel industry as case study, you will be empowered with time-tested skillsets to acquire, retain and grow a loyal customer base.

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Developing A Successful Travel Content Marketing Strategy.

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Generate and grow sales for your business.

Increase online visibility and brand awareness

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- Developing A Successful Travel Content Marketing Strategy

- Awareness Stage, Consideration Stage, the Decision stage

- Getting Started: Important Tips

- Content Marketing: Driving Sales For Your Travel Business

- Ways To Drive Sales For Your Travel Business



Sam Adeleke is a business leader with marketing expertise, spanning ten years across various sectors of the economy, ranging from e-commerce, insurance, media to travel, tourism, human resources and consulting. Sam holds an MBA from the University of Lagos; a Certificate in Digital Platform Management, Innovation and Strategy from the Center for Global Enterprise; and an Executive Education certificate from the prestigious Lagos Business School.


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