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By Sam

Welcome to How To Write A Business Plan by Sam Adeleke. Starting your own business and writing your business plan gives you the opportunity to employ yourself, to tell your story, and to prepare for your own future. It also gives you the chance to create a legacy for your children and their children.


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So the first step to writing a business plan is to get started with your business idea.

What you'll learn

- Understanding The Core Customer Benefits Of Your Product - Market Environment, Competitors and Target Groups - Building A Qualified Founding Team - Planning Your Marketing and Sales Activities

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- How To Write Your Executive Summary

- Creating Your Product/Service For Market Fit

-  The Founding Team

- Understanding Your Target Market

- Marketing and Sales

- Organizational Structure

- Risk Management

- Financial Planning

- Documentation


Ability to read, write and execute the lessons learnt.


Sam Adeleke is a business leader with marketing expertise, spanning ten years across various sectors of the economy, ranging from e-commerce, insurance, media to travel, tourism, human resources and consulting. Sam holds an MBA from the University of Lagos; a Certificate in Digital Platform Management, Innovation and Strategy from the Center for Global Enterprise; and an Executive Education certificate from the prestigious Lagos Business School.


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