Entrepreneurship 101

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Last updated Nov 12, 2021
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By Olusoji

Welcome to Entrepreneur 101 with Olusoji Oyawoye.

You are in the right place to learn all the basics required to start, grow and sustain a profitable business.

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The contextual framework of this course provides invaluable insight into the intrigues and challenges of entrepreneurship in less-than-perfect economies and provides practical counsel drawing from experience, on how to navigate the booby traps.

Course Content

Section: 1

1 class(es)

Module 1

8 min(s)

Section: 2

1 class(es)

Module 2

11 min(s)

Section: 3

1 class(es)

Module 3

13 min(s)

Section: 4

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Course Overview

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Module 1- How to start a business 

    * Why set up a business?

    * What is Entrepreneurship?

    * Why the business Idea is the most important element.

Module 2 - How to grow a business

    * The people issues; key to growth 

    * The soft issues; Culture Vs. Strategy

Module 3 - How to sustain growth

    * People Management; Leadership

    * All about the customer 

    * The significance of Brand positioning


Ability to read, write and execute the lessons learnt.
A peaceful environment, good internet connection and data access to stream the video.
Discipline to go through all three modules within a max of 14 days for smooth flow.
Full Payment of Course Fee N49,750.00


I am a Social Entrepreneur and an author with 7 published books on entrepreneurship, leadership, relationships and finding purpose on earth. I am also a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker, Teacher and Behavioral Analysis Trainer. I help people articulate their thoughts, realign their goals and coach them to execute their plans with measurable results. Years ago, 1987 to be precise I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and also hold a Postgraduate Diploma and a Masters Degree in Business Management. In my 35 years career, I have worked in all facets of banking spanning nineteen years, where I left in 2006 to start a Human Resource Management company. That company Resource Intermediaries Limited now manages thousands of staff for leading organizations in banking, manufacturing, telecommunications and other blue chips in Nigeria and Ghana I am also a non-executive director in three other companies in Nigeria and Ghana, and a non-executive Chairman of a Microfinance bank. Generally speaking, I am a capacity builder and motivational speaker who is driven by a desire to develop skills and best practice competences in managing business's Human and Administrative assets.


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