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By Shola

What is the goal of communicating to resolve conflict?

1. To Solve the problem.

2. To preserve the relationship.

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What you'll learn

Identify causes of conflicts in communication.

Apply skills that enhance conflict resolution in communication Identify stressors.

Manage stress

Apply emotional awareness to conflict.

Describe one change you can make to your practice related to conflict prevention and resolution.

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Module 2

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Module 4

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Introduction to Conflicts in Communication

Responding to Conflict.

9 Communication Roadblock Leading to Conflict.

The Skill of Stress Management.

The Skill of Emotional Awareness.

Tips to manage conflict.


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Shola Adekoya is a certified facilitator with the Centre for Management and Development. Using her experience as a Business Strategist and capacity building expert, she continuously teaches the importance of motivating and retaining key staff as part of a company’s vision in developing a collaborative culture. Her experience with handling teams of trainers helps to point out the critical importance of providing growth opportunities for executive management and key staff. She also enjoys coaching other coaches, particularly those who want to improve their skills inside their organizations. Having worked with start - ups, Law Firms, Maritime Firms, HR Consulting firms, her expertise lies in these areas: Sales and Marketing Human Resource Consulting Leadership Development Action Planning Performance development/role enhancement Solutions coaching Consultative selling Strategic planning Change management Team development Cultural transformation Strategic business coaching CERTIFICATIONS AND CREDENTIALS Mentor Coach CMD Licensed aCIPM Education – LLB She coaches on a variety of issues in a wide spectrum of industries. No matter what the business is, she is quick to point out that a shift in management’s focus makes all the difference in keeping the company competitive. She proven that she can coach executive management and improve team performance with measurable results.


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